On the back of a motorbike

Well we have heard from Dad again this morning !

It’s very wet!

The hotel in which they are staying is intermittent in many ways…. electricity, wifi, water, ….. so all fun and games – luckily there’s a pool for a wash 😂😱

They have been out making new friends , meeting new communities and fixing guttering , so the labour has started.

The only way to get around to these small remote communities is by a very bumpy, pot holey track which when it rains turns into streams …… so the only way to get around, is wait for it…… not by 4×4 but ON THE BACK OF A MOTORBIKE ! For those of you that know dad well I can’t wait to see a picture of this !!? I remember as a teen when I mentioned wanting a motorbike his words were not whilst you live under my roof 😂😂

I leave you with the vision of dad on the back of a motorbike in his sandals, floppy calabash hat, Hawaiian shirt, shorts, freckles and a massive smile!



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